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Delivering Affordable Renewable Technology

Today’s pressing need for a clean and renewable energy solution does not have to await further scientific developments or testing. PHG Energy can deliver a proven alternative energy technology now, providing you an industrial grade, renewable, cost effective and environmentally friendly fuel source.

This consistent source of cleaner energy replaces or augments traditional fossil fuel input for an array of industrial or institutional applications and operations. PHG Energy brings you:

• Clean conversion of biomass feedstock into usable energy without incineration, and without the associated pollution issues. Sourcing problems or high costs of coal, fuel oil or natural gas can also be avoided.
• Positive bottom-line results, along with excellent positioning for the global shift toward renewable energy and the reduction and recycling of waste streams.
• Tested and proven breakthrough technology in downdraft gasification that is now operating successfully in industrial applications.
• Scalability of equipment and installation to meet the specific demands of your application and your plant.

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